The product is you: English for students of mechanical engineering

Bernarda Kosel
2006, 3. dopolnjena izd.
208 str.
ISBN 961-6238-24-8
3,00 €

To the Student

The Product is You, published by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ljubljana, has been written for students of mechanical engineering at upper intermediate level of English who need to develop their communication skills for their future professional needs.

The principal purpose of the book is to train students in reading and understanding technical texts, teach them the basic mechanical engineering vocabulary, and revise certain language structures which are specific to English for Science and Technology. The aim of teaching the language structures is not to provide students with more grammar but to teach them how to use the grammar they already know in technical communication. The reading passages are mainly taken from mechanical engineering handbooks and professional journals, and present some of the more recent developments in mechanical engineering.

The book has 12 units each consisting of several sections: a reading passage, word study, language focus, and writing and speaking activities. The tasks the students are required to carry out are similar to the activities they will have to perform later on in real situations of their professional career (e.g. describing shapes, interpreting graphs, dealing with numbers, writing a letter of inquiry/CV, e-mail, telephoning and poster presentation).

The book is planned both as a textbook and a workbook. There is an English-Slovene glossary to help students understand the technical terminology, and a list of commonly used abbreviations.

Emphasis is put on the communicative approach to language learning. Work in pairs or groups will give students a chance to share their ideas, opinions and feelings and will stimulate them to use their existing language skills. They will be encouraged to use English as a tool for expressing their professional ideas.

For self-study, a key to exercises is provided.

Bernarda Kosel


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