Holders: Assoc. Prof. Prek Matjaž, Assoc. Prof. Stritih Uroš

Subject description


For the on-going work and understanding of the subject basic knowledge of the following courses is needed:

  • Thermodynamics
  • Heat transfer

Coursework, on-going work and passing the course: The course consists of lectures and tutorials. Lectures: a new topic is presented and discussed weekly. Tutorials: on-going work is expected. All practical / numerical basis that are required for the tests are given in advance in the form of Power Point presentation.

Passing the course: the final mark consists of the assessment of the theory and assessment of the practical part (tutorials). The assessment of the theory is performed by written examination. The assessment of tutorials is obtained from short tests that are taken weekly on tutorials.


The aim of the course is to obtain knowledge on Air-conditioning.

The course covers the following topics:

  1. Fundamentals
  2. The Refrigeration Cycle
  3. Refrigerants
  4. Compressors
  5. Air and Water Vapour Mixtures
  6. Air Treatment Fundamentals
  7. Practical Air Treatment Cycles
  8. Air-Conditioning Load Estimation
  9. Heat recovery
  10. Air Movement
  11. Air-Conditioning Methods
  12. Control Systems
  13. Commissioning and Maintenance
  14. Efficiency, Running Cost and Carbon Footprint
  15. Example of Air-conditioning system (on site)

Response of students to the course

In the year 2018/19 we had 12 attendees. All of them have been very satisfied with the course and knowledge they received. 

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