Microprocessor Control

Holders: Prof. Diaci Janez

Executants: Prof. Diaci Janez

Subject description

The course provides theoretical background and practical knowledge and skills that enable using microprocessors and microcontrollers for solving control tasks in the area of mechatronics and industrial automation. The course is focused on analysis and design of digital (switching) control systems. Topics covered include: Introduction to C language for microcontrollers, Implementation of logical functions and combinatorial systems in C language, Introduction to Arduino platforms and development tools, Introduction to digital electronics with emphasis on microcontroller interfacing, Finite-state machines and their implementation in C language, Sequential function charts and their implementation in C language, Microcontrollers (Atmel AVR) – structure and operation. Key expected learning outcomes are: Basic understanding of microprocessor control system structure & operation, modeling, specification, analysis and design, Principles of logic controller implementation using microcontrollers (MCU), Basic skills for experimental evaluation and validation of logic control systems in operation.

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