Technical Logistics II

Subject description

The course Technical Logistics II is applied oriented. It deals with a wide range of material handlling equipement in terms of its systematics, design of individual subsystems, and in terms of composition and operation of machines and devices as a whole. Further, the guidelines for selection of suitable material handlling equipement for individual logistical tasks are presented as well as the guidelines for composition of this equipement into coherently functioning systems. The course also provides basic intralogist content necessary for understanding the functioning of intralogistic transportation systems. The course thus offers excellent opportunities for training in the development of complex material handlling equipement and for its integration into intralogistic systems. A basic understanding of the subject matter of mathematics, mechanics, strength of materials and electrical engineering is required. Despite of the name Technical Logistics II, the course doesn’t require prior knowledge in the fields of transportation machinery and intralogistics.

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