Energy Conversion Systems

Holders: Prof. Sekavčnik Mihael

Subject description

The scope of the course »Energy Conversion Systems« is to provide a broad knowledge in energy supply (electricity and heat) for modern society from a) socio-economic (understanding the big picture) and b) technological (structure of primary energy sources, grid balancing, technologies available) aspects. From the understanding of the big picture of energy supply of society, which has been transformed in the direction of sustainable solutions (RES, circular economy, sector-coupling, digitalization), individual lectures address relevant topics (theoretical and practical) so that students can critically evaluate various technological solutions in terms of a) environmental indicators, b) energy efficiency and c) basic economic feasibility. In addition to the large-scale discussion, the content covers: theoretical concepts of thermodynamic cycles their thermodynamic optimization and applications, classical thermal power plants (steam-, gas-, combined cycles, ORC, CHP…), hydroelectric power plants, integration of distributed energy sources (PV- and wind power plants) into the electricity grids, hydrogen technologies, P2X, energy storage concepts, power balancing, smart grids and virtual power plants.

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