Refrigeration and Heat Pumps

Holders: Prof. Kitanovski Andrej

Subject description

The aim of this subject is to provide the student with the ability to define, understand and creatively solve professional challenges and to master the basic scientific or applied problems in the field of refrigeration processes and technologies and heat pumps. The subject starts with the basic definitions and thermodynamics of the different types of refrigeration cycles. A large part of the subject is devoted to mastering the design, analysis, optimization and construction of vapour compression refrigeration systems and heat pumps. An important emphasis is placed on thermally driven absorption and adsorption refrigeration and heat pump systems. Students will learn to design and analyse various gas refrigeration cycles with applications in cryogenics, process and manufacturing industries. Solid state refrigeration and heat pumps represent the area in which the teaching laboratory is one of the world leaders, and students will be able to learn about the latest developments in this particular field, including some other emerging technologies. By carefully combining theoretical and experimental work, we aim to challenge students with critical, analytical, synthetic thinking, and modelling skills for various problems. Finally, students will gain a strong capacity for team research work, as well as ability to transfer knowledge into practice, with the implementation of modern research methods and the optimization of various processes.

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