Production Planning and Organization

Holders: Assist. Prof. Berlec Tomaž, Assoc. Prof. Kušar Janez

Subject description

Course objectives and competences:


Within the course students acquire the advanced knowledge and skills that are required to carry out the production planning and organization. They will understand the purpose and components of the production system and acquire the knowledge to optimize the production processes. They will also understand the issues and goals of controlling material flow and value flow in production.


The qualification to use the attained knowledge to autonomously solve production planning problems. The ability for teamwork and for interdisciplinary networking. Managerial and organizational skills. Ability to autonomously perform demanding research, developmental, engineering and professional organizational work in organizing and optimizing production processes.

Course enrolment requirements

Completed first level studies in mechanical engineering or natural sciences or other fields with knowledge of fundamentals in the field of this course.


Knowledge prerequisites: basic knowledge of product design and technological procedures

The condition for admission to exam is passing the exercises and other individual assignments.

Course contents


  1. Introduction to production planning and organization
  2. Production planning levels
  3. Business Process Elements
  4. Methods for work and time studies
  5. Data entities in the production information system
  6. Production requirements planning
  7. Operational planning and monitoring of orders
  8. Production as part of a business process
  9. Production types depending on quantities
  10. Types of production depending on spatial arrangement of work tools
  11. Determining availability needs
  12. Costs of the elements of the production process
  13. Material flow in the production system
  14. Modern methods of planning and organizing the production
  15. Production optimization

Intended course learning outcomes


Thorough theoretical, methodological and analytical knowledge with research elements that are the basis for very demanding professional work in the field of production planning and organization.


Mastering highly demanding, complex processes and tools for planning and organizing the production.

Production planning and organization based on creative problem solving related to education and training.

Ability to find unique solutions in organizing and optimizing production processes.

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