Micromanufacturing Technologies

Holders: Assoc. Prof. Valentinčič Joško

Subject description

Short description:

Lectures and tutorials cover micromanufacturing technologies for manufacturing single product as well as bath and mass production. Lab work is an important part of the course, where students get hands-on experience on some of the technologies.


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Content (Syllabus outline):

  1. Microfabrication and micromanufacturing
  2. Microchemical etching
  3. Micro EDM
  4. Laser ablation
  5. Mechanical micromachining
  6. Additive manufacturing for micro parts
  7. Stereolithography
  8. Micro injection moulding
  9. Process chains
  10. Microreactor systems

Objectives and competences:

In scope of the Micromanufacturing technologies courses, the students will:

  • get familiar with micromanufacturing technologies in terms of physical processes and their technological capabilities,
  • understand the use/role of microtechnologies in modern production processes,
  • apply the knowledge from the literature to practice,
  • identify appropriate technologies and/or process chains for micro product manufacturing,
  • build numerical models and perform simulations of some micromanufacturing processes.

The students will earn the following subject-specific competences:

  • master micro-manufacturing technologies and applications,
  • ability to find technological solutions for micro-product manufacturing,
  • ability to search for sources of information, critical judgment and practical application,
  • ability to design products that can be effectively fabricated with micromanufacturing technologies,
  • ability to perform simulations of some micromanufacturing processes and use of microcomponents.

Intended learning outcomes:

  • Thorough theoretical, methodological and analytical knowledge with elements of a research work that form a basis for very demanding professional work.
  • Master very demanding and complex work processes and methodological tools in specialised professional fields.

Gain ability of unique innovations and critical reflections.

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