Robotic Systems

Holders: Assist. Prof. Vrabič Rok

Subject description

Robotic systems is an introductory course that covers the fundamentals of robotics, industrial and mobile robots, and design of robotic systems. Both articulate robots (robot arms) as well as mobile robots (autonomous guided vehicles) are considered. The acquired competences include the abilities to develop custom robotic applications, to integrate robots with other industrial systems, and to develop robotic software and hardware components. The course addresses robotic sensors, actuators, and controllers, as well as robotic system planning and implementation.

The main prerequisites are basic knowledge of linear algebra, kinematics and dynamics, basics of probability and statistics, programming, and numerical methods. The prerequisites are reviewed and detailed at the beginning of the course with the emphasis on their use in the domain of robotics. The course syllabus covers coordinate systems in robotics, direct and inverse kinematics, velocity kinematics, dynamics, path planning, control, and applications of industrial robots. Navigation, localisation, and industrial uses of mobile robots are reviewed.

Theoretical discussions are supported by practical tutorials with real and simulated robots, using open-source tools as well as proprietary tools from robot manufacturers for the development of robotic applications. The tutorials cover robot programming using teach pendants, robot modelling and simulation, mobile robot navigation, integration of robots with external systems, and development, validation, and testing of robotic systems for practical industrial applications.

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