Photonics and Laser Sources

Holders: Prof. Petkovšek Rok

Subject description

Short description:

This course is meant for the future engineers that are interested in broadening their knowledge of new technologies in the field of photonics: laser systems and its application in the fields of laser processing, remote sensing, etc…. The course will start on the nature of the laser light and how we describe, define and measure its properties. In the second part the key elements of the laser technology will be explained together with the design of laser systems and their applications. The lectures will be supported by the practical implementation of the knowledge trough laboratory exercises.


It is advisable for the students have the pre-existing knowledge in physics and mathematics to fully benefit from the lectures and laboratory exercises.

Content (Syllabus outline):

  • Light as the electromagnetic radiation, its properties and measurement
  • Description of light by wave equation and Gaussian beams
  • Light modulation and is amplification
  • Types of lasers and their operation
  • Optical fibers and fiber lasers
  • Ultrashort pulsed lasers and interaction of ultrashort pulses with matter

Objectives and competences:

Objectives of the course are for the students to:

  • getting to know basic and advanced topics from the field of photonics and lasers,
  • acquire the knowledge on the design of the laser sources and experimental systems,
  • and understand the importance of the laser light parameters on the applications.

Through the course acquire the following competences:

  • the knowledge on the properties of the laser light and its sources,
  • the knowledge to solve technical problems in photonics,
  • and the ability to find sources, critically evaluate information and independently upgrade the knowledge in the field of photonics.

Intended learning outcomes:

Knowledge and understanding

The students will attain the knowledge on the nature of the laser light, how to measure it and how to produce it. Through the course the will understand the benefits of the laser light.


The gathered knowledge and skills from the field of photonics and laser sources will benefit the students to further develop their competences and enable them to pursue the more specialized research fields in the laser development and applications.

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