Holders: Prof. Hočevar Marko

Subject description


Finished 1st cycle academic study program.


The subject deals with the operation of turbine machines, ie fans, compressors, pumps and turbines. The study material is divided into twelve chapters. The division of turbine machines is given in the first introductory chapter. The second chapter deals with the efficiency of turbine machines. In the third and fourth section, based on the control volume approach, we derive the energy equation for turbine machines. Euler equation and velocity triangles (fifth chapter) are given for radial and axial pumps and turbines. In this case, stagnation pressure and enthalpy are considered. Based on the Euler equation, the influence of the blade angles on characteristics is explained. The sixth chapter contains the application of the theory of similarity in the case of turbine machines, we consider the pressure, flow and power numbers and specific speed. Since the development and production of water turbines in Slovenia are important areas of mechanical engineering, chapter seven deals with Pelton, Francis, Kaplan and bulb water turbines. The eight chapter describes the elements of the flow tracts of water turbines such as dams, penstocks, trash racks, surge tanks, guide vanes, turbine blades, draft tube, lubrication systems, bearings, gates, flow fields, etc. The ninth chapter describes the process of manufacture of water turbines. Chapter ten deals with the operation of water turbines, characteristics, hill diagrams and operation in four quadrants. In the eleventh chapter we discuss cavitation in pumps and turbines. In last chapter we perform simple design procedure for blade angles of a water turbine in relation to net positive suction head requirements and reactivity.

Study material is available in English.

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