Student's guidebook

Departments and laboratories

01 Chair of Synergetics

Laboratory for Synergetics LASIN

02 Chair of Machine Elements and Development Evaluation

Laboratory for Machine Elements LASEM
Laboratory for Structure Evaluation LAVEK
Center for Development Evaluation CRV

03 Chair of Power Engineering

Laboratory for Heat and Power LTE
Laboratory for Internal Combustion Engines and Electromobility LICeM
Laboratory for Hydraulic Machines LVTS
Laboratory for Pumps, Compressors and Technical Acoustics LDSTA

04 Chair of Cybernetics, Mechatronic and Production Engineering

Laboratory for Mechatronics, Production Systems and Automation LAMPA

05 Chair of Manufacturing Technologies and Systems

Laboratory for Forming LAP
Laboratory for Alternative Technologies LAT
Laboratory for Handling, Assembly and Pneumatics LASIM

06 Chair of Materials, Science and Technology

Laboratory for heat treatment and materials testing LATOP
Laboratory for Welding LAVAR

07 Chair of Heating and Process Engineering

Laboratory for Measurements in Process Engineering LMPS
Laboratory for Heating Technology LTT

08 Chair of Mechanics

Laboratory for Non-Linear Mechanics LANEM
Laboratory for Numerical Modelling and Simulation LNMS
Laboratory for Dynamics of Machines and Structures LADISK

09 Chair of Mechanics of Polymers and Composites

Laboratory for Experimental Mechanics LEM
Center for Experimental Mechanics CEM

10 Chair of Optodynamics and Laser Applications

Laboratory for photonics and laser systems FOLAS
Laboratory for laser techniques LASTEH

11 Chair of Tribology and Maintenance Systems

Laboratory for tribology and interface nanotechnology TINT
Laboratory for Fluid Power and Controls LFT

12 Chair of Fluid Dynamics and Thermodynamics

Laboratory for Fluid Dynamics and Thermodynamics LFDT

13 Chair of Thermal and Environmental Engineering

Laboratory for Heating, Sanitary, Solar and Air Conditioning Engineering LOSK
Laboratory for Refrigeration and District Energy LAHDE
Laboratory for Sustainable Technologies in Buildings LOTZ

14 Chair of Machining Technology Management

Laboratory for Cutting LABOD
Laboratory of Quality Assurance LAZAK

15 Chair of Engineering Design and Transportation Systems

Laboratory for Engineering Design LECAD
Laboratory for Material Handling and Machine Structures LASOK
Centre for Engineering Design LECAD

16 Chair of Modelling in Engineering Sciences and Medicine

Laboratory for Modelling Machine Elements and Structures LAMEK
Traffic accident analysis and research laboratory LAPN
Information unit for technical documentation ICTD
Centre for Element and Structure Modelling CEMEK

21 Aviation division

Laboratory for aeronautics AEROL

22 Unit for Supplementary Division

Mathematics Research Team RSMAT
Unit for Supplementary Division EDZ