Student's guidebook

Good to know


Can I register for the exam if I have not completed the practical work?
No, the practical work is a prerequisite for taking the exam. If you have not completed the practical work in the current academic year, you must complete it in the following years.

How long is the practical work valid?
Depending on the subject, the practical work is valid for at least 3 years or longer.

Can I go to another of the practical work groups?
The practical group cannot be changed, unless you agree with the assistant of a specific subject.


Do I have to register for the exam?
If you want to take the exam, registration via the Student Information System VIS is mandatory. You cannot take the exam without registering for the exam electronically. You must register for the exam one week in advance or at least 72 hours before the announced exam date.

Can I cancel my registration for the exam?
You can cancel your registration for the exam via the Student Information System VIS at least 24 hours before the exam.

How can I correct my examination grade?
During your studies, you can improve your grade once for each subject on the basis of a written application submitted to the Student Affairs Office.


How many credit points do I need to enrol for a higher year?
You need 48 ECTS to enrol for a higher year.

How many credits do I need to re-enrol?
You need 24 ECTS to re-enrol. The student can only re-enrol once during their studies.

What subjects can I take when I re-enrol?
When re-enrolling, you will take the subjects you have not yet completed. If you have already done the practical work and it is still valid for you, you do not have to take it again (you only go to the exam). On the basis of the application, you can apply to attend compulsory courses for a higher year, but you cannot be taken more than 60 ECTS per year.

How do I enrol?
If you meet the requirements for enrolment in a higher academic year, you already have an enrolment form available in the Student Information System VIS. Fill in the enrolment form, print it out and sign it. Send the signed enrolment form by registered mail to the Student Affairs Office or drop it to the mailbox in the hallway in front of the Student Affairs Office. Within a few days after mailing, you will receive a confirmation of enrolment in the Student Information System VIS.


How do I order a certificate of completed obligations (exams) and a registration confirmation certificate?
All certificates can be ordered via the Student Information System VIS. You will receive the ordered certificates by within a few days. During office hours, you can contact the Student Affairs Office, where the certificates are prepared and handed over to you immediately.

Are the certificates payable?
The registration confirmation certificates are not payable. Certificates of completed obligations are payable and are charged according to the University of Ljubljana Price List. You will receive a payment slip by e-mail for the certificates ordered.