Student's guidebook

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Digital identity

Every student of the University of Ljubljana has their own digital identity. You will receive the ID password from the Student Affairs Office when you are informed about enrolment at the Faculty. You can adopt the digital identity or activate it on the web ID portal

Student Information System VIS

VIS is a program for managing the pedagogical processes at the Faculty. Through the VIS system you can enrol to a higher year, register for and cancel registration from exams, check exam results, submit applications and view your e-index. You will be granted access to the VIS system when you enrol at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ljubljana for the first time. Please keep your username and password carefully, as you will need them until the end of your studies. The Student Information System VIS is available at: 



By acquiring a digital identity, you have access to:

  • Student Information System VIS, 
  • Portal of the Digital Library of the University of Ljubljana, which gives you access to the full texts of papers, magazines, etc. dikul
  • EduRoam, free and wireless internet; instructions for registration can be found at
  • University of Ljubljana Career Centre, where you will find useful information about studies and career,


Website of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ljubljana

All information concerning the pedagogical process, novelties, rules, and current news are published on the website of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.


We advise you to visit it regularly. Here are some links that will be useful to you: