Student's guidebook

Introductory greeting

Dear friends of mechanical engineering and all who want to get involved in the field of mechanical engineering!

We are very pleased that you have decided to study at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ljubljana. Choosing our Faculty means that you will study at a well-known and internationally renowned university.

Modern mechanical engineering is a decisive competitive advantage of Slovenia in Europe and of Europe in the world. At the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, we go beyond the boundaries of traditional mechanical engineering by pushing the boundaries and ensuring that after graduation you will be ready for the challenges of the modern economy.

Today we live in a world where technological progress is the result of teamwork of experts in various fields. All of us at the faculty strive to create a creative working environment where you can develop your potential and gain valuable knowledge by participating in joint industrial projects that will help you find a job later on. We will give preference to the way of studying that promotes your independence and creativity, because our view of the future is focused on the person who will be a research-willing, creative and responsible expert.