Student's guidebook

Public transport

The use of public transport depends on where students are accommodated during their studies. Students who come to Ljubljana daily from other locations use intercity transport. Students living in or near Ljubljana use Ljubljana public transport.

Intercity transport

From September 2016, students will have a single electronic ticket - the IjPP (Integrated Public Passenger Transport), which can be used for various forms of public transport (bus, train) and is valid at 35 companies. This means that you choose the type of public transport and any company on a particular route (e.g. LPP, Alpetour, Arriva, Integral).

Ljubljana public transport

Students living in Ljubljana use Ljubljana public transport provided by the public company Ljubljanski potniški promet d.o.o. (LPP) throughout the city of Ljubljana and in sixteen suburban municipalities. Students can apply for subsidized public transport if they live at least 2 km from the educational institution. Beneficiaries can obtain a subsidized monthly pass by means of an application approved by the Student Office of the Faculty. The application can be downloaded from the website of the Ljubljana public transport

Equipment of public buses

All LPP buses are satellite-controlled with internal and external displays and have an electronically controlled payment system. Bus stations with the highest traffic volumes are equipped with information displays about bus arrivals.

Payment for public transport

Payment for public transport is made with the URBANA pass

The URBANA prepaid pass is a contactless smart card that enables cashless payment for rides on all LPP lines. It can be topped up with a credit of 1 to 50 EUR. The URBANA prepaid pass is transferable. The pass can be obtained at the Ljubljana Bus Station (Trg OF 4, 1000 Ljubljana), in kiosks or at URBANA terminals.
The URBANA term pass is issued with a name of the user on it and is non-transferable.

URBANA mobile application
Users of the URBANA service can install the mobile URBANA application on their Android smartphones, which serves as a virtual prepaid pass.

The price of a ride on the city bus is EUR 1.30, with free transfer within 90 minutes of paying for the first ride. More information about the timetables can be found at the Info Centre of the Ljubljana Bus Station or by calling 1991.