Student's guidebook

COBISS + and My Library


COBISS+ provides online access to the COBIB mutual database, local databases (catalogues of individual libraries), specialized databases (CONOR, COLIB, CORES, SGC, E-LINKS) and some other databases (JCR, SNIP, DOM/UKM, ZAL/ISBN). It is intended for anyone looking for information or materials in libraries across Slovenia.

If you log in to COBISS +, we can use the system My Library and save records (My Shelf), search (My Searches), change settings and edit personal data.

COBIB is a common catalogue of Slovenian libraries and allows searching through local catalogues of all Slovenian libraries.

The local catalogue (Library of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering) searches the catalogue of an individual library.


COBISS + allows simple, advanced and expert search. With the advanced search, we choose between Boolean operators (and, or, and not) from the dropdown lists, with the simple and expert search we enter them ourselves. The search request can be limited to the type of material, language and e-access. The display of the results can be further limited by the facet search (type of content, type of material, language, target group, author, year of publication, subject area, library - when searching in several library catalogues at the same time, department - when searching in the catalogue of a library with several departments). Tips to make searching easier: shorten words with an asterisk (weld* finds everything that starts with weld, e.g. welding, welder...), use broader or narrower terms, plural and quotation marks "" (phrase search).

My Library

My Library allows you to view and renew borrowed material, make reservations, edit settings, etc. You can add several individual libraries (of which we are members) to a profile. The Library of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering allows you to pay the debts of the Library online - in the My Library system, under the Debts and Limits tab.