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Useful links


The Digital Library of the University of Ljubljana (DiKUL) is a portal that enables the search of information sources in various databases (WoS, ScienceDirect, SpringerLink, Wiley Online Library, IEEE Xplore, JSTOR, Emerald, Sage Journals, Oxford Journals…) and systems (COBISS +, RUL…). It includes both metadata (from catalogs, from publishers) and full texts (e-papers, e-books).
  Since the beginning of August 2020 DiKUL has been operating on a new platform, which is being built by IZUM and represents an upgrade of the COBISS + portal. Users can use the simple (default), the advanced and the expert search. By default, the search engine searches in e-sources (international scientific and professional literature) and simultaneously in all library catalogues of the University of Ljubljana (we can limit ourselves to the catalogue of only certain libraries). By default, the search engine searches in subscribed/available resources. These are magazines and databases subscribed by the University of Ljubljana or freely available. However, by checking the box in the search engine, we can extend the search to all e-resources (including those that are not subscribed). The set of search results can be sorted and restricted as desired by year of publication, content type, publication title, language, subject area, subject area designations, source name and database name.  


The Repository of the University of Ljubljana (RUL) contains current theses (diploma, master, doctoral) of the University of Ljubljana and publications of the University of Ljubljana. It is included in various directories, search engines and portals (DART-Europe, OpeanDOAR, BASE...) and is connected to the information systems COBISS and SICRIS.

It allows easy browsing, easy search and advanced search.