Student's guidebook

Plan for successful study




I will regularly attend practical work and lectures.


  • At lectures, I will learn important information.
  • If I do not understand something, I can ask a professor or an assistant.
  • A completed practical work is a prerequisite for taking the exam.
  • I am in the company of my fellow students with whom we share our knowledge.


I will diligently write practical work reports and do homework.


  • Because I will repeat the knowledge I have acquired in the practical work.
  • Because it will be easier to pass the exam when studying regularly.


I will study from a variety of sources. 


  • Because I want to deepen and broaden my knowledge.
  • Because I am interested in what various domestic and foreign authors write about the topic.
  • Because with a different interpretation I might understand the topic better.
  • Because I want to develop critical thinking about the respective topic.


Colloquia are a great thing for me!


  • Colloquia are an easier way to pass the exam.
  • I attend colloquia because the material is still fresh in my head.
  • If I pass the colloquium, I may already have partially passed the exam in the subject (depending on the system of work in an individual subject).


I will plan to take obligations and exams. 


  • The exam dates will be announced and will be visible in the Student Information System VIS, so that I can plan my exams in advance.
  • Since I do not want to have two exams on the same day, I will create a schedule of how I can take the exams.
  • With my own organization, I will be more successful in exams.


I will enrol in a higher year​. 


  • Because I regularly attended lectures and practical work.
  • Because I did my homework diligently and wrote reports on practical work.
  • Because I passed most of the exams with colloquia.
  • Because I was organized during my studies and planned to take the exams in advance.