Program information

3rd Cycle Doctoral Study Programme in Mechanical Engineering

Duration: 4 Years
Number of ECTS: 240

Postgraduate’s professional degree: Doctor of Science (abbreviated to dr. in front of the name)

The Fundamental Program Objectives and General Competencies

The ultimate objective of doctoral study program is to educate exceptionally successful post graduate students of Master programs in engineering and natural sciences and to educate them for independent scientific and research work in mechanical engineering sciences. The program is entirely based by the principle of choosing options where the students, with the assistance of their research mentor, create their own research path. Therefore they can follow the needs of future employers to be integrated later, when finishing the program.

The structure of the Study Program

Basic fields of studies:

  • Machine Design and Mechanics Engineering Science,
  • Energetical, Process and Environmental Engineering Sciences,
  • Production Engineering Sciences, Cybernetics and Mechatronics

Forms of Study:

Study Program consists of organised forms of study 60 ECTS. The other forms of study (to the extent of 180 ECTS) is intended for research work for the doctoral dissertation. Each completed year of Study comprises 60 ECTS; 30 ETC per semester. The curriculum in doctoral studies for each candidate in the doctoral program, consists of two groups:

Organised forms of study (60 ECTS)

a) Theoretical and methodological set

  • Four (4) optional courses (40 ECTS)
  • One (1) Seminar (5 ECTS).

b) Presentation of doctoral dissertation thesis, Presentation of the results of the research work before defending the doctoral dissertation and Doctoral dissertation defence (15 ECTS).

The doctoral dissertation thesis, as well as Presentation of the results of the research work before defending the doctoral dissertation and Preparation of the dissertation and its defence is considered as organised forms of Study. The presentation of the doctoral thesis  and included scientific hypothesis, has to be performed and approved by the Senate of UL and completed before enrolment in the 3rd year. The defence of the doctoral dissertation is allowed to the student only when the student has published two scientific publications from the field of doctoral dissertations, the period of the doctoral thesis validity not being elapsed.

Requirements for progression through the programme

Requirements for progression from Year 1 to Year 2 in the Doctoral Programme in Mechanical Engineering are the completed study requirements worth a total of at least 50 ECTS credits.

For progression to Year 3 of the doctoral study students have to have all study obligations of organized forms of studies from the first two years completed and the proposal of the subject of doctoral dissertation approved by the Senat of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

For progression to Year 4 of the doctoral study students have to have consent of the UL Senate on the topic of the doctoral dissertation.

The last year, Year 4, is totally intended for research work and the preparation and defence of the doctoral dissertation.

In the case when the student does not fulfil the study obligations due to legitimate reasons, he can file an application for the suspension status. The request has to be accompanied by documented proof of the reasons.


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