Instructions for Doctoral Thesis Preparation and Formatting

Doctoral thesis preparation instructions

Once candidates have met all of their determined requirements and completed their doctoral thesis, their doctoral thesis shall be written and designed in accordance with the faculty’s doctoral thesis preparation instructions. Candidates can only submit their doctoral thesis in written form after their mentor has confirmed that the thesis is suitable for submission for review and both of their determined scientific contributions have been published.

The dissertation can be written in English when previously approved by the UL. A doctoral dissertation prepared in English must include its:

  • introduction,
  • extensive abstract (5−10 pages) and
  • conclusions in Slovenian.

The Slovenian introduction, extensive abstract and conclusions shall be included after the Appendix.

Instructions for doctoral thesis preparation and formatting at FME_03.05.2018

Use one of following templates to prepare the doctoral thesis (Word or LaTeX):

Doctoral thesis template at FME_19.09.2016.doc  - Word

Doctoral thesis template - LaTeX



Content similarity verification procedure

Candidates must also upload an identical electronic copy of their hard copy doctoral thesis to the VIS - Student information system, where the content similarity verification procedure* is performed, when they submit their doctoral thesis to the Student Affairs Office for public viewing. Based on said content similarity verification analysis, the mentors decide within ten (10) days if the doctoral thesis is ready for defence.

If mentors find that students have improperly marked similar parts of the text and that the share of similar contents is too high, they ask for content corrections that students must resolve within ten working days.

To these ends, the Rules on verifying content similarity of the electronic form of the final work of study and conditions for temporary unavailability of the content of the written final work of study,

and Guidelines for the submission of electronic forms of written final works of study and verification of content similarity at the UL (attached in VIS - Student information system)

The share of final work content similarity is determined in terms of FME Senate resolution

FME Senate resolution dated 15 June 2017 states that the share of doctoral dissertation similarities can be 20% to 30% as decided by the mentor, with a maximum of 5% from one source.

* The Repository of the University of Ljubljana enables the collecting and saving of electronic versions of written final works of study (Article 127 of the UL Statutes) as well as University employee publications and research data. Content similarity verification is conducted for each work to be saved in the Repository of the University’s national portal as part of the submission process.


 Instructions for doctoral thesis defence

Candidates shall prepare their public defence using audio-visual techniques in accord with the unified template determined by the FME. In the case of contractual obligation arising from the co-financing of work, contractually determined labels may be used; sponsor acknowledgment is to be included on the last page. Candidates shall have 20-25 minutes to present their work at their doctoral thesis defence.

The presentation for the oral thesis defence must be created using PowerPoint and conform to the template: Template for final and seminar paper defence

Instructions for distance seminar paper, doctoral thesis defence and doctoral topic presentation

Thesis defence guidelines


Additional instructions and documentation for doctoral dissertation defence

Candidates must also deliver the following completed documents on the day of their doctoral dissertation defence:

Candidates shall send their Curriculum Vitae as a Word document by email to the Student Affairs Office at least eight days before their doctoral dissertation defence.