Public international job announcement: UNIVERSITY TEACHER LECTURER (code: D017004) M/F, for the field Aeronautical Engineering at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

from 2022-06-27 to 2022-08-26

location: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

1.    POSITION:  UNIVERSITY TEACHER LECTURER (code: D017004) M/F, for the field Aeronautical Engineering at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering



  • Specialization in higher education (previous) / higher university education (previous) / master's degree (2nd Bologna level) in Mechanical engineering or the technical area,
  • Valid habilitation title: Instructor / Senior Instructor / Lecturer in the field of Aeronautical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering at the University of Ljubljana, or an equivalent tittle at a similar internationally recognized institution. In the latter case, the contract can be signed either after the equivalence of the titles has been officially recognized, or after the gust professor tittle has been awarded to the candidate, or after meeting the minimal quantitative and qualitative criteria for the appointment to the required title (see the Statutes of the University of Ljubljana published in the official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No 4/2017 and the Criteria for the Appointment to the Titles of University teacher, Researcher and Associate at the University of Ljubljana (Merila za volitve v nazive visokošolskih učietljev, znanstvenih delavcev in sodelavcev Univerze v Ljubljani) from 25th October 2011 (including changes). In the latter case, the candidate has to submit the necessary documents for the recognition of the title (according to Article 157 of the Statutes UL) or full dossier (bibliography, biography, etc) proving that she/he meets the stated criteria for appointment to the title. A candidate has to enclose a statement that she/he agrees with the employment application to be considered also as an application for election to the title or for recognition of the title,
  • knowledge of the Slovenian language at the level B2 according to the European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) which is proven by certificate (is the selected candidate doesn’t have knowledge of Slovenian language, she/he has to gain it in three years from the employment start date,
  • rhetorical skills, innovation, a sense of organizing one's own work and the work of colleagues.

Employment contract can only be concluded only with a candidate who qualifies for the position.  


  • creating and updating curricula and adapting higher professional education programs to the requirements
  • organizing or organizing all activities for the implementation of courses in accordance with the curriculum and the findings of the profession and the coordination of work and supervision of the work of other course providers (assistants, technical and other collaborators)
  • lectures to students, conducting seminars and other pedagogical activities in the subject,
  • managing, grading and correcting exam orders in the test
  • mentoring students in the preparation of diploma theses and other works
  • participation in other activities related to pedagogical work in the field of stroke (nostrification, etc.)
  • care for the safe and healthy work of workers in student units, for the appropriate education and training of persons who come into contact with dangerous substances, the use of personal protective equipment and other safety measures
  • performance of another contract, which contains the content of the court in the broader professional field of jobs.


 Status: full-time
 Type of contract: permanent contract.

5.    APLICATION DEADLINE: 60 days from the date of publication,

from 27.06.2022 to 26.08.2022

Written application, together with a curriculum vitae and evidence of eligibility should be sent to Mateja Pustotnik, HR department, on e-mail:


    Name: Mateja Pustotnik
    Telephone number: (00386) 1 4771 661


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