Mitjan Kalin PhD.

title: Professor
work position: VISOKOŠOLSKI UČITELJ IX - 1
chair: 11 Chair of Tribology and Maintenance Systems
laboratory: Laboratory for tribology and interface nanotechnology TINT
room no.: TINT
telephone: 462
secretary: +386 1 4771 462
laboratory website:
Contact hours

Tuesday 8:30 - 9:30


1999: PhD; Mech Eng, UL

1996: M.Sc.; Mech Eng, UL

1993: B.Sc.; Mech Eng, UL

* Note: Mech Eng, UL .. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ljubljana


2017-2019: Visiting Professor, Lulea Technical University, Sweden.

2010-today: Full Professor,Mech Eng, UL

2005-2010: Associate Professor, Mech Eng, UL

2000-2005: Assistant Professor, Mech Eng, UL

1999: Guest reseracher, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, USA

1993-1998: Young Researcher, Mech Eng, UL

Leading and other important functions

2017-today: Dean, Mech Eng, UL

2017-2021: Executive Board; International Tribology Council (ITC)

2014-today: President, Slovenian Society for Tribology

2013-2017: Vice-Dean for Master and Doctoral studies, Mech Eng, UL

2001-today: Editor, Lubrication Science, Wiley

2011-today: Head of Laboratory for tribology and interface nanotechnology,Mech Eng, UL

2011-today: Head of Chair for Tribology and Maintenance systems, Mech Eng, UL

2007-2011: Vice-dean for research and international collaboration, Mech Eng, UL

2006-today: Supervisory Board, Slovenian Society for Materials

2004-2005: President, Ceramics and Composites Comittee, STLE

1997-today: Supervisory Board, Slovenian Society for Tribology

Prizes and awards

2015: Zois award for outstanding scientific achievements, state award

2014: Award for Top 10 most notable scientific achievements at University of Ljubljana.

2012: Fellow of the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (STLE), USA.

2010: Slovenian Society for Tribology Award.

2006: Zois award for important scientific achievements”, state award

2006: American Society of Mechanical Engineers ASME »Burt L. Newkirk« Award for achievements in tribology under age of 40.

1997, 1999, 2001: Award for high quality scientific and research work for researchers under age of 35, Mech Eng, UL

Slovenian holder of national and international projects (duration of at least 3 years)

2017-2020: EU M-ERA.NET, GreenCOAT, Coordinator.

2015-2017: MVZT Bilateral (Slo-Indija): Nanostructured TiCN ceremtns for cutting inserts.

2013-2015: EU FP7 - ENTICE: Engineering Tribochemistry and Interfaces with a Focus on the Internal Combustion Engine.

2013-2019: EU Erasmus MUNDUS: Tribology of contacts and surfaces - TRIBOS, Coordinator.

2011-2014: EU FP7 ERA NET: Nanostructured composite materials and reinforced ductile iron for high wear application - SiNACERDI.

2010-2014: EU/A - X Tribology: Multifunctional surfaces and lubricants containing synthetic and renewable components.

2010-2013: Taiho Kogyo Research Fundation TTRF, Japan: Study of lubricating agents adsorption on DLC coatings using neutron reflectometry.

2009-2012: EU FP7: Nanoscale Tailoring of Tribological Interfaces for Reduced Environmental Impact - 2020 INTERFACE.

2008-2012: EU FP7: Mechanisms of interactions in nano-scale of novel ionic lubricants with functional surfaces - MINILUBES.

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