Leon Kos PhD.

title: Assistant Professor
work position: phd assistant
chair: 15 Chair of Engineering Design and Transportation Systems
laboratory: Laboratory for Engineering Design - LECAD
room no.: N-18
telephone: 436
Contact hours

monday-friday: 15h-16h in N18


BSc: Univerza v Ljubljani (Fakulteta za strojništvo), Ljubljana, Slovenija, 1991

MSc: Univerza v Ljubljani, Fakulteta za strojništvo, Ljubljana, Slovenija, 1995, »Distributed system for rendering of 3D objects«, mentor: prof.dr. Jože Duhovnik

PhD: Univerza v Ljubljani, Fakulteta za strojništvo, Ljubljana, Slovenija, 2009, »Extension of collissionless models for appliction in fusion and general plasmas«. mentor: prof.dr. Jožef Duhovnik, comentor: prof.dr. Siegbert Kuhn (Innsbuck university)

Post Doc: ITER organization, Saint Paul lez Durance, Francija, 2015-2016, mentor: dr. X. Bonnin, Divertor & Plasma-Wall Interactions Section

KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden, 2018, Mentor: dr. Thomas Johnson, Fusion Plasma Physics


1995-present University of Ljubljani, Mech. Eng.

Leading and other important functions

2014-present Coordinator of PRACE Summer of HPC

2017-present Coordinator of PRACE Massive Online Open Courses (MOOC)

Prizes and awards

Trimo Research Award 2010

Slovenian holder of national and international projects (duration of at least 3 years)

2008-2010 Free-form architectural design (industrial research)

2014-2018 WPCD: Code Development for Integrated Modelling (applied research project)

2007-2010Euforia: EU Fusion for ITER Applications (applied research project)

2010-2014 ISIP: Fusion Infrastructure implementation project (applied research project)

2012-2016 PRACE-3IP (applied research project)

2015-2017 PRACE-4IP (applied research project)

2017-2019 PRACE-5IP (applied research project)

2015-2017 EXDCI (applied research project)

2015-2017 SOLPS-ITER GUI (applied research project)

2016-2018 SMITER GUI (applied research project)

2017-2019 InnoHPC (applied research project)

2018 PSMITER (applied research project)

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