Tomaž Požar PhD.

title: Senior Research Associate
work position: Senior Research Associate
chair: 11 Chair of Tribology and Maintenance Systems
laboratory: Laboratory for tribology and interface nanotechnology TINT
room no.: TINT
telephone: 241
laboratory website:
Contact hours

always (upon prior notice)


2010: Doctor of Philosophy, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ljubljana (FME UL)

2004: Bachelor of Physics, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, University of Ljubljana (FMF UL)


2021-today: Senior Research Associate (FME UL)

2018: Visiting Professor (Universidade Estadual de Maringá, Paraná, Brazil)

2017-2021: Assistant Professor/Research Associate (FME UL)

2016-2017: Research Associate (FME UL)

2010-2015: Assistant/Researcher with a PhD (FME UL)

2009-2010: Assistant (FME UL)

2004-2009: Young Researcher (FME UL)

Prizes and awards

2019: 10th best physics paper in Nature Communications in the year 2018 (Springer Nature)

2018: Excellent in Science 2018 (Slovenian Research Agency)

2018: Recognition for the most prestigious scientific publication in the area of mechanical engineering (Assoc. of Mech. Eng. of Slovenia)

2013: Recognition for quality publications (FME UL)

2012: Recognition for quality publications (FME UL)

2009: Solemn document for quality publications (FME UL)

2007: R.W.B. Stephens Prize (ICU Vienna)

Slovenian holder of national and international projects (duration of at least 3 years)

2018-2021: Spatial and temporal shaping of laser light for minimally invasive ophthalmic procedures (L2-9254, SRA)

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