Aljoša Peperko PhD.

title: Assistant Professor
chair: 22 Unit for Supplementary Division
laboratory: Mathematics Research Team
room no.: 515
telephone: 515
Contact hours

individual appointment, room 515


2008: PhD in mathematics, FMF UL

2003: Prof. of mathematics, FMF UL


2013- : Assist. Prof. of mathematics, FME UL (first habilitation of Assist. Prof. of mathematics, 2010 FMF UL)

2009- : researcher, IMFM Ljubljana

2008-2013: Assistant of mathematics, FME UL

2008: Assistant of mathematics and researcher, FMF UL

2003-2008: young researcher, IMFM Ljubljana

Leading and other important functions

2018- : member of comission for undergraduate studies, FME UL

2010- : referee for Math Reviews and several scientific journals (Lin. Alg. Appl.; Linear Mult. Alg.; Ars Mathematica Contemporanea; Banach. J. Math. Anal.; J. of Diff. Eq. Appl.; Numerical Mathematics: Theory, Methods and Applications; Semigroup Forum; Journal of Mech. Engin.; …)

Prizes and awards

2004: crystal of coat of arms town Celje

2003: Franc Močnik award

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