Diploma and Master Thesis

Modelling the Mechanical Behaviour of 3D Printed Structures

In recent years, a large amount of scientific papers focuses on additive manufacturing or 3D printing, due to reduced material costs and possibility to produce unusual complex geometries, as opposed to conventional technologies. However, the prediction of mechanical behaviour of such structures is difficult, since they possess on manufacturing parameters dependent, anisotropic properties. The goal of the thesis is to create and experimentally validate a mechanical model of the structure produced by fused deposition modelling. In order to achieve this goal, the student has to study the literature which tackled this problem and afterwards create appropriate analyitical/numerical model of the structure. In order to validate the model, an experiment has to be designed and created at the end.

Contact person: Prof. PhD. Janko Slavič

Webpage of the laboratory: http://www.ladisk.si/

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