Diploma and Master Thesis

Influence of Manufacturing Parameters on Piezoresistive Properties of 3D Printed Structures

An interest for additive manufacturing or 3D printing is increasing in recent years, since geometries unattainable with classical manufacturing processes, may be produced. On the other hand, parts created by additive manufacturing exhibit anisotropic properties and are highly dependent on many process parameters. The behaviour of additively manufactured parts is difficult to predict as a result. The goal of the presented thesis is to study the influence of manufacturing process on the piezoresistive properties of product, produced by fused deposition modelling. To achieve this goal, the student has to gain the basic knowledge of fused deposition modelling, design of experiments and piezoresistivitiy at first. Afterwards, the obtained knowledge has to be used, to design a systematic approach, to extract the influential manufacturing parameters by an already existing experiment.

Contact person: Prof. PhD. Janko Slavič

Webpage of the laboratory: http://www.ladisk.si/

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