Diploma and Master Thesis

Modelling and optimization of drying process in a dishwasher

Two of the most important selling points for products like dishwasher are their power consumption and final dryness of the kitchenware. The current dishwasher drying system heats water to a high temperature in the last washing step in order to increase temperature of the kitchenware and therefore increase drying process. However, this is not the most effective way, due to small mass of plastic kitchenware and as a resulting final dryness is not satisfying. Few options are available to improve current drying system, which will be evaluated in the thesis. The aim of this thesis is to define a completely new drying system for a dishwasher and experimentally characterize it with aim to satisfy the final dryness of kitchenware.    

Prerequisite knowledge: basic programming knowledge

Contact person: Assist. Katja Klinar

Webpage of the laboratory: https://lahde.fs.uni-lj.si/en/home/

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