Diploma and Master Thesis

The prediction of the effect of short fiberglass fraction on time-dependent behaviour of composite material

Short glass fibers in a thermoplastic polymer matrix improve mechanical properties of the material (tensile strength, impact strength, ...). The questions are, however, (i) how glass fibers affect the time-dependent behaviour of the composite material, (ii) what is the effect of increasing the fraction of the fibers on these properties, and (iii) how the fiber orientation affects time-dependent properties.

It is necessary to compare the time-dependent properties of a pure thermoplastic polymer with a composite material with different fiber orientations and fiber concentrations. Based on experimentally determined properties, it is necessary to propose a model, which would effectively predict such behaviour.

Contact person: Assist. Prof. PhD. Lidija Slemenik Perše

Webpage of the laboratory: http://web.fs.uni-lj.si/cem/

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