Diploma and Master Thesis

Surface energy – Effect of surface preparation

Surface energy is relevant property of surfaces, since it defines the interaction of surface with surroundings, other surfaces, liquids, etc. In general the surface energy defines the chemistry of surface, and common approach to determine it is in-direct. Namely, contact angles measurements by employing different models is used. Since contact angle measurements are effected not only by surface chemistry itself, but also by other effects, such as environment, surface preparation/cleaning, surface roughness, this can significantly effect on measured values and thus on calculated surface energies. In this work student will prepare surfaces with different roughness and vary environment conditions and surface preparation (cleaning). The goal is to determine which of previously mentioned effects are relevant and should be paid more attention when determining the surface energy.

Contact person: Prof. PhD. Mitjan Kalin

Webpage of the laboratory: https://www.tint.fs.uni-lj.si/

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