Diploma and Master Thesis

Set-up of optical system for determination of forming limit diagram by Marciniak test

Determination of formability limits is a crucial task in evaluation of sheet metal materials. For this purpose two main procedures are used: Nakazima test and Marciniak test. The Marciniak test should be evaluated in the presented master thesis.

In order to evaluate the strains on the sheet metal the optical system combined with Marciniak test exists in the Forming Laboratory. The test is currently used on pre-printed shapes. With upgraded picture detection and evaluation the strain distribution on random-distributed pattern should be evaluated. In the master thesis the tool for data acquisition and evaluation has to be build based on available image recognition tools.

Preliminary knowledge: programming skills, data acquisition, Labview

Contact person: Assoc. Prof. PhD. Tomaž Pepelnjak

Webpage of the laboratory: https://www.fs.uni-lj.si/lap

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