Diploma and Master Thesis

The influence of graphene nanoparticles as oil additives on tribological properties of mixed contacts with steel and various DLC coatings

The use of several solid-lubricant nanomaterials as additives in lubricants present a promising new lubrication technology that combines the benefits of liquid lubrication with the physically based effect of nanoparticles. This would lead to a decrease in the toxic emissions and would eliminate the need for a tribochemical activation. In order to make such lubricants suitable for lubrication of various surfaces, e.g. DLC coatings, their tribological properties, such a friction and wear, need to be studied in detail.

Within the scope of this work the emphasis will be on the investigation of macro-lubrication behaviour of graphene-based additives in oil as well as their tribological effects (friction and wear) on various contact configurations with steel and DLC coatings (steel/a-C:H and steel/a-C:H:Si).

Contact person: Prof. PhD. Mitjan Kalin

Webpage of the laboratory: https://www.tint.fs.uni-lj.si/

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