Diploma and Master Thesis

Characterization of the two–phase flow regimes at the gas jet breakup in a liquid cross flow

The subject deals with one of the most geometrically simple solutions for the continuous mixing of gas and liquid phase. Gas is injected through the channel wall into the liquid cross flow. Different combinations of phase flows lead to the formation of different two-phase flow regimes, affecting the heat, mass and momentum transfer. Consequently, the knowledge of mechanisms for the transition between flow regimes is of key importance.

In the framework of this thesis, the development of a laser system is expected. The test section should be simultaneously through-lightened with several lasers to collect the data on flow regimes. By means of visualization, a flow pattern will be assigned to the particular shape of the laser system signal. In this way, a long time period observation will be possible, giving statistically relevant flow indicators. Special emphasis will be on the development of flow pattern maps and on the study of regime stability. The indicators of the flow regime transition would be used to evaluate the optimal heat and mass transfer in the device.

Contact person: Assist. Prof. PhD. Matjaž Perpar

Webpage of the laboratory: https://www.fs.uni-lj.si/en/faculty_of_mechanical_engineering/about_faculty/departments_and_laboratories/laboratories/2005012810071882/

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