Diploma and Master Thesis

Analysis of wear of contacting surfaces after graphene nanoparticles-based tribofilm removal

The use of several solid-lubricant nanomaterials as additives in lubricants present a promising new lubrication technology that combines the benefits of liquid lubrication with the physically based effect of nanoparticles. This would lead to a decrease in the toxic emissions and would eliminate the need for a tribochemical activation. In order to make such lubricants suitable for lubrication of various surfaces, e.g. DLC coatings, their tribological properties, such a friction and wear, need to be studied in detail.

Within this topic the emphasis will be on the wear analysis of contacting surfaces after tribological test performed under different conditions and upon tribofilm removal. The wear analysis will be performed using optical interferometer and scanning electron microscope.

Contact person: Prof. PhD. Mitjan Kalin

Webpage of the laboratory: https://www.tint.fs.uni-lj.si/

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