Diploma and Master Thesis

Surface energy at high temperature

Surface energy is relevant property of surfaces, since it defines the interaction of surface with surroundings, other surfaces, liquids, etc. Common approach to determine it is by contact angles measurements by employing different models is used. However this works well at ambient temperature, but he problems are at elevated temperatures. Namely, if we have temperature difference between model liquid (for wetting test) and surface as well as environment, in addition we have thermo-dynamic process which can significantly effect on wetting and thus on calculated surface energy. In this work, student will in first part study relevant literature for surface energies measured by contact angles at elevated temperatures in terms to get overall impression of current state of development, main issues and problems. In second part student will perform tests on contact angle goniometer, with heated samples and liquid and try to find correlation compared to measured values of contact angles as well as calculated surface energies at ambient conditions.

Contact person: Prof. PhD. Mitjan Kalin

Webpage of the laboratory: https://www.tint.fs.uni-lj.si/

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