A successful conclusion to the HELLA Saturnus summer school

date: 25.07.2017

category: Sporočila za javnost


For the first time this year, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in collaboration with the Hella Saturnus Slovenija d.o.o. company organised a summer school for students. Through close collaboration, the Laboratory for Structure Evaluation, under the leadership of Prof. PhD. Jernej Klemenc, and the Hella Saturnus company, represented by PhD. Tomaž Jurejevčič, director of the development sector, implemented the summer school, which offered students a theoretical and practical insight into the processes of the automotive industry.

The HELLA Saturnus summer school, which took place between 3 and 14 July 2017 at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering UL, was attended by 14 students from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering.




The course of the summer school

Lecturers from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and experts from the Hella company provided the participants with knowledge in the areas of business processes, project organisation and practical knowledge in the areas of optics, design, electronics, engineering simulations, technology as well as process measurements and quality.

The students used all the knowledge and information they were given in an engineering competition. They were given an engineering task, which they attempted to solve in 4 groups. The task was to construct the mounting feet of a fog lamp. With the help of their mentors from the company, the students were able to design, construct and print the product with a 3D printer in a very short time, as well as analyse it at the end. There was no shortage of motivation, as the participants were engaging in their task every day until the late afternoon hours. Through the analysis of their work, they were able to identify the advantages and flaws in their designed solution and gain valuable practical experience.




The summer school conclusion:

The summer school concluded on Friday, 14 July 2107. During the closing event, all 4 groups presented their project task in front of a panel, which chose the winner based on certain evaluation criteria (technical solution, quality of presentation, customer relations). PhD. Tomaž Jurejevčič congratulated all the students, gave them their prizes and their participation certificates.




The importance of connecting the Faculty with the economy:

The summer school, in collaboration with the company, took place at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering for the first time this year. During the closing event, Vice-Dean for Education – I. Degree, Assoc. Prof. PhD. Matija Jezeršek, emphasized the importance of connecting the Faculty with the economy, and simultaneously ascertained that the Faculty would support summer schools which offer students new knowledge and experiences in the future as well.

Two representatives of the Hella corporate leadership, Mister Kamislav Fadel (responsible for Lighting Development Global (L-D), member of GL division board) and Mister John Kuijpers (responsible for Product Group Car Body Lighting (PG-CBL), member of GL division board), also expressed enthusiasm over the summer school with their visit. Both demonstrated to the students their own paths, gave them advice on the planning of their careers, and encouraged their innovation.

At the end of the closing event, PhD. Tomaž Jurejevčič expressed his joy over the successful implementation of the summer school, as the implementation itself had been somewhat of a challenge for Hella. Connection and collaboration with young people is of key importance, therefore

he thanked all the participants and mentors who rose to the challenge and remained motivated to the very end.

The students and the mentors from the company became connected during the summer school and grew to know each other personally. This was one of the major goals of the summer school – to increase the possibility of collaboration in the future! The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering hopes that there will be many more such connections with the economy.



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