Patented innovations help to assure development of domestic and foreign industry

date: 04.04.2018

category: Sporočila za javnost


The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, of the University of Ljubljana, is aware of the value of scientific research and innovation that contribute to the development of domestic and foreign industry. The Laboratory for Machining (LABOD) of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, together with the Swedish company ACCU-SVENSKA AB, a supplier of products and services for minimum quantity lubrication systems for various applications, patented the cooling lubricant device, which follows the trend of reducing the usage of problematic oil-based cooling lubricating. They have together developed a prototype, which will this year upgrade the present array of company products.

The innovation was designed in LABOD, and developed in cooperation with the Swedish company, which patented the product in Sweden, while they also applied for an international patent.

The developed cooling lubricant device was designed for application in the automotive industry, which will replace the so-called MQL system (minimal lubrication system) in machining processes. This will rectify the deficiency of MQL systems, which currently provide good lubrication, but lack the cooling effect. The device is based on the idea of cooled oil mist, which can increase the process efficiency and the life of cutting tools.

According to the chief of the Laboratory of Machining, Associate Professor Dr. Franci Pušavec, the research into the needs of industry continues, "Together with a German partner we are in the process of applying for a new patent on cooling lubricant device."

The experts from the Laboratory of Machining point out that their efforts in research, development, innovations, consultancy, preparation of production and technological plans, machining tests, and the performance of measurements, are always tried to be linked to the industrial needs and applications. The laboratory is also proud of its collaboration with Slovene companies, such as AREX, Sibo Group, Hidria AET, EMO orodjarna, etc.



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