The September issue of Strojniški vestnik – Journal of Mechanical Engineering available now

date: 05.09.2018

category: Sporočila za javnost


The Strojniški vestnik – Journal of Mechanical Engineering publishes theoretical and practice oriented papers, dealing with problems of modern technology (power and process engineering, structural and machine design, production engineering mechanism and materials, etc.) It considers activities such as: design, construction, operation, environmental protection, etc. in the field of mechanical engineering and other related branches.

The September Issue is Special Issue: Hydraulic Engineering

Slovenian Association of Hydraulic Research (SDHR) is organizing invited lectures on hydraulic engineering held at the Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering, University of Ljubljana. This issue brings together seven distinct lectures in a form of scientific papers. Two papers deal with transient liquid pipe flow investigating the effects of trapped gas and multiple valve closures. The control of air may be a major operational problem in a number of pipelines. Simultaneous and sequential closure of valves may produce high or very low pressures in the pipeline. Three papers present operation of turbomachines in their respective systems. The first one presents fluid-dynamic characteristics of modified mixed-flow impellers for air dispersion with high flow rates. The second paper evaluates cavitating flow in axial turbomachines whereas the third one presents experimental study of intake structures for the cooling tower pumps. Two-phase flow effects, if not properly taken into account, may deteriorate smooth operation of turbomachine systems and may even lead to damage of components. Finally, two papers deal with open channel flow. The first one deals with numerical prediction of flow in a curved channel by using a curvilinear orthogonal numerical mesh. The second one presents a novel method of water surface topography by using laser scanning.  Laser scanning is particularly useful for measurement of rapidly varying surfaces. All the papers were peer reviewed and, for the final versions of English texts, careful proof reading was provided.   

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Anton Bergant
Prof. Dr. Matjaž Četina


The ​September issue features the following articles:

Anton Bergant, Arris Tijsseling, Young-il Kim, Uroš Karadžić, Ling Zhou, Martin F. Lambert, Angus R. Simpson: Unsteady Pressures Influenced by Trapped Air Pockets in Water-Filled Pipelines

Andrej Bombač: Asymmetric Blade Disc Turbine for High Aeration Rates

Uroš Karadžić, Marko Janković, Filip Strunjaš, Anton Bergant: Water Hammer and Column Separation Induced by Simultaneous and Delayed Closure of Two Valves

Mario Krzyk, Matjaž Četina: Analysis of Flow in a Curved Channel Using the Curvilinear Orthogonal Numerical Mesh

Mitja Morgut, Dragica Jošt, Aljaž Škerlavaj, Enrico Nobile, Giorgio Contento: Numerical Predictions of Cavitating Flow Around a Marine Propeller and Kaplan Turbine Runner with Calibrated Cavitation Models

Gašper Rak, Marko Hočevar, Franci Steinman: Construction of Water Surface Topography Using LIDAR Data

Gregor Žvab, Gregor Lapuh: Experimental Hydraulic Analysis of Intake Structure for Cooling Towers Pumps


The open-access journal may be viewed at the following link.


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