The October issue of Strojniški vestnik – Journal of Mechanical Engineering available now

date: 05.10.2018

category: Sporočila za javnost


The Strojniški vestnik – Journal of Mechanical Engineering publishes theoretical and practice oriented papers, dealing with problems of modern technology (power and process engineering, structural and machine design, production engineering mechanism and materials, etc.) It considers activities such as: design, construction, operation, environmental protection, etc. in the field of mechanical engineering and other related branches.


The ​October issue features the following articles:

Job Angel Ledezma Pérez, Edson Roberto De Pieri, Victor Juliano De Negri: Force Control of Hydraulic Actuators using Additional Hydraulic Compliance

Simon Marčič, Sebastijan Seme, Julijan Jan Salamunić, Zdravko Praunseis, Stanislav Pehan: Heating by Flat Plate Collector Combined with a Heat Pump

Jun Liu, Weilong Liu, Xiaofeng Wang: Research of Crack Detection and Delay Crack Propagation on a Nonlinear Rotor

Riad Ramadani, Marko Kegl, Jožef Predan, Aleš Belšak, Stanislav Pehan: Influence of Cellular Lattice Body Structure on Gear Vibration Induced by Meshing

Fabrício Alves de Almeida, Guilherme Ferreira Gomes, Rachel Campos Sabioni, José Henrique de Freitas Gomes, Vinícius Renó de Paula, Anderson Paulo de Paiva, Sebastião Carlos da Costa: A Gage Study Applied in Shear Test to Identify Variation Causes from a Resistance Spot Welding Measurement System

Qihui Yu, Xin Tan, Jianguo Meng, Fei Shang, Xueqing Hao: Performance Characteristics Research on Power System of a Four-Valve Compressed Air Engine

Daniel Nasulea, Gheorghe Oancea: Integrating of a New Software Tool Used for Tool Path Generation in the Numerical Simulation of Incremental Forming Process


The open-access journal may be viewed at the following link.



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