The FME team at the Ljubljana Marathon

date: 04.11.2019

category: Sporočila za javnost


For the second time in a row, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering team participated in the Ljubljana Marathon. Trainings were conducted with the help of a new trainer, Nina, who made sure that everyone present felt, besides their running muscles, the muscles they did not even know existed.

In addition to the Sunday participation in 10 km, 21 km and 42 km distance, this year's novelty was participation in the Saturday’s FUN run, which is of a non-competitive, promotional, and charitable nature. On Saturday, 34 staff members with accompanying persons were on the start. In order to get a real patina for the event on Saturday, the Faculty and staff provided an excellent meal after a strenuous 3.1 km long run.

Prof. dr. Mitjan Kalin, Dean: "The running weekend was wonderful, with great company and fun. Fun run could become a Čevapi run because they were so good! My compliments to the cooks. However, hard work on the track the next day is triviality with the positive energy of all the Faculty runners. Mitja and everyone who organizes and attends trainings and events: Thank you for more! My second best 10 km run: 0:54:22."

More of our staff joined the team this year than in the previous year. Everyone was enthusiastic about the marathon weekend and is already looking forward to the marathon next year.

The training sessions on Tuesday (between 15.30 and 17.00) will continue throughout the winter. At first, we will have outdoor running sessions, but when the weather finally kicks in, we will probably go to the FIT city, where we were spinning the wheels of indoor exercise bikes last winter.


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