Jernej Kovač is an awarded associate of the University of Ljubljana

date: 19.12.2019

category: Sporočila za javnost


The Rector of the University of Ljubljana, Prof. Dr. Igor Papič, presented awards to associates of the University of Ljubljana. The recipients of the awards are an important part of our professional services, which improve the reputation of the University, and contribute to its excellence and the excellence of its Faculties.

The associate from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Jernej Kovač, is an awarded associate of the University of Ljubljana.

One third of all employees of the University of Ljubljana are associates, who thorough their work improve the University's reputation and importantly contribute to its excellency. The award was presented to 26 associates.

Congratulations to all recipients!


About the award recipient

Jernej Kovač works at the Office of Research Activities, which provides administrative and financial support in the management of international end EU projects. He monitors tenders, notifies researchers and helps them with their applications. He is very experienced, resourceful, perceptive and has a very professional approach to applications as well as to any current affairs. He is exceptionally insightful, active, and good observer, who has the ability to lead and coordinate projects, which require a lot of expertise and organisational skills.


Photo author: Foto studio Nora

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