Advanced photovoltaic-thermal solar energy collector

date: 18.03.2020

category: Sporočila za javnost


The team of the Laboratory for Refrigeration and District Energy published the results of their research in the development of hybrid photovoltaic-thermal solar collectors in the prestigious journal Energy Conversion and Management (IF = 7.1). This type of receiver enables efficient conversion of solar energy while simultaneously generating electricity and heat. Due to the heat dissipation on the side of the photovoltaic cells, the electric efficiency of the cells is higher in addition to the heat produced. Although many laboratories in the world are involved in hybrid solutions, the uniqueness of the published results lies in the compactness of the laboratories of the developed collectors, as well as in the more efficient heat transfer. The published work of the Laboratory for Refrigeration and District Energy LAHDE ( is the result of several years of research in the framework of the Competence Centre for Sustainable and Innovative Construction (KC TIGR) project. The developed technology allows an efficient integration into heating systems with heat pumps.

The original scientific paper is freely available until 3 May 2020 under the link (


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