SADAR + VUGA win the competition for the architectural solution for the new FME building

date: 20.10.2020

category: Sporočila za javnost


We are pleased to observe that in these turbulent times, we can look to the future of our Faculty with optimism. Together with the Faculty of Pharmacy, we are one step closer to having a new building within the Brdo university center, as the project's first phase - the Urbanism and the second - the Architecture, have officially reached conclusion. We have a vision that the new Faculty of Mechanical Engineering building would provide the teaching staff and students with quality working conditions for study and research, top-notch, modern and technically flawless laboratory and other related facilities, and serve as a stimulating university setting. Our vision was best grasped and realised by company Sadar + Vuga, arhitekturno projektiranje in Urbanistično načrtovanje d.o.o. The competition committee chaired by the president of the evaluation committee at the Chamber of Architecture and Spatial Planning of Slovenia, Mr. Dean Lah, uni. dipl. inž. arh., unanimously decided to award Sadar + Vuga first prize from among seven architectural proposals, as they presented a solution, which is innovative, attractive, standing-out, modern, and at the same time, wholly functional and most of all, justified from the standpoint of implementation.

Before applying for the competition, Mr. Boštjan Vuga, univ.dipl.inž.arh., and his team colleagues were mainly thinking about »what the today's activity of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is and what the teaching of mechanical engineers of the future entails in this day and age. In this regard, our deliberations were mostly focused on the way classical mechanical engineering and mechanics transition to nanotechnology. For this reason, the structure itself, despite housing a wealth of programmes and content within its walls, does not function only as a huge volume placed at the site in question, but as a modern structure of cross-laid slabs of different sizes reacting to both external and internal parameters. This way, the slabs form a sort of porous structure of slabs allowing a continuous transition of the green space alongside the Trail of Remembrance and Comradeship through atriums and green terraces toward the existing buildings of the Faculties for chemistry and computer science, while providing an effective and comfortable working and study environment indoors. The arrangement of the building is divided into two main sets of the Faculty's programme, the teaching part and the laboratory part. In between these, on the ground floor, is the passage, being the Faculty's central semi-public space connecting the west and east square. The passage passes into the spaces upstairs, turning into a communications area and a separation surface between the laboratories and classrooms and, a space for special events and socialising, up in the third floor. The passage is the building's most attractive space as well as a space for social interaction and the sphere of activities in the building.«

At the last year's ceremonial event celebrating the centenary of the University of Ljubljana Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, the Dean, prof. dr. Mitjan Kalin stressed that “in the present times of expansion of technical progress, operating the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering requires a considerably better infrastructure and considerably greater material resources than the ones it has at its disposal at the present. Educating engineers that will be of any use, and conducting top-notch research in an 80-year old heritage-protected building and in the “new” 50-year old building already seems as a true scientific feat in itself or, rather, as a science fiction.” Now that we are one step closer to achieving our long-standing goal, Mr. Kalin shared his excitement regarding the chosen architectural solution, stating that »the best proposal won the prize, as the solution from the company Sadar + Vuga combines all the elements of a modern, useful and esthetic solution in a well-thought fashion, and at the same time meets all our needs and wishes both from the teaching and research activity perspectives and from the socialising aspect. In their new environment designed in line with the latest guidelines, our students and employees will benefit from several incentive stimuli and new opportunities, which will have a positive effect on their study and research activities. I believe that this new building will, together with other achievements of our Faculty, only strengthen the image of Slovenian mechanical engineering both domestically and abroad. This is the building that we desire and deserve and, I hope that with joint efforts and the help from the state, the University of Ljubljana and the economy, we shall  succeed.«

Upon receiving the news on the competition winner, the Rector of the University of Ljubljana, prof. dr. Igor Papič said: »I feel exceptionally delighted that in times when many activities at the University have practically come to a halt or are being conducted only on a remote basis, we can report on a successful conclusion of a design competition for construction of new Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Faculty of Pharmacy buildings. The University of Ljubljana will continue its endeavours to successfully acquire the necessary financial resources for the construction.« 

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