The FME will announce 14 places for young researchers

date: 19.05.2020

category: Sporočila za javnost


Dear students,

At the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Ljubljana, 14 young Masters of Science will be given the opportunity to continue their education in the Young Researcher Program, which is funded by the Public Research Agency of the Republic of Slovenia. The official call for applications will be published in June on the website of the University of Ljubljana. We will also publish the call for applications on our website, so follow us closely. To help you choose the right area for you, we have prepared a number of topics for you in advance under the guidance of various mentors. And to get in touch as soon as possible with a mentor whose research area is of interest to you.

We are convinced that many of you want to make your research wish come true, and we believe that dealing with the subject area raises questions that you will address directly to a potential future mentor in your field of interest.

We look forward to welcoming 14 highly qualified and motivated researchers with great potential for the development of science and the competitiveness of the economy in October.




Prof. dr. Iztok Golobič

Laboratory for Heating Technology LTT

2.13 Process engineering
Prof. dr. Edvard Govekar

Laboratory for Synergetics LASIN

2.21 Technology driven physics
Prof. dr. Matija Jezeršek Laboratory for Laser Techniques LASTEH

2.10 Manufacturing technologies and systems

Assist. prof. dr. Franc Majdič Laboratory for Fluid Power and Controls LFT 2.11 Mechanical design
Assist. prof. dr. Miroslav Halilovič


Laboratory for Numerical Modelling and Simulation LNMS

2.05 Mechanics
Assist. dr. Umut Hanoglu

Laboratory for Fluid Dynamics and Thermodynamics LFDT

2.13.01 Multi-phase systems
Assoc. prof. dr. Peter Krajnik

Laboratory for Cutting LABOD

2.10 Manufacturing technologies and systems
Assoc. prof. dr. Tomaž Pepelnjak

Forming Laboratory LAP

2.10 Manufacturing technologies and systems
Assoc. prof. dr. Rok Petkovšek Laboratory for photonics and laser systems FOLAS 2.10.02 Manufacturing technology
Prof. dr. Mihael Sekavčnik

Laboratory for Heat and Power LTE

2.03.02 Fuels and energy conversion technology
Prof. dr. Janko Slavič

Laboratory for Dynamics of Machines and Structures LADISK

2.05 Mechanics

Assist. prof. dr. Domen Šeruga

 Laboratory for Structure Evaluation LAVEK 2.11 Mechanical design – 2.11.03 Special development know-how
Assist. prof. dr. Jovan Trajkovski

Laboratory for Modelling Machine Elements and Structures LAMEK

2.11.02 Special constructions know-how
Prof. dr. Roman Šturm

Laboratory for Heat Treatment and Materials Testing LATOP

2.10 Manufacturing technologies and systems



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