The October issue of Strojniški vestnik – Journal of Mechanical Engineering available now

date: 20.10.2020

category: Sporočila za javnost


The Strojniški vestnik – Journal of Mechanical Engineering publishes theoretical and practice oriented papers, dealing with problems of modern technology (power and process engineering, structural and machine design, production engineering mechanism and materials, etc.) It considers activities such as: design, construction, operation, environmental protection, etc. in the field of mechanical engineering and other related branches.


The ​summer issue features the following articles:


Filippo Cianetti: How to Experimentally Monitor the Fatigue Behaviour of Vibrating Mechanical Systems?

Adam Kulawik, Joanna Wróbel: Numerical Study of Stress Analysis for the Different Widths of Padding Welds

Oscar Tenango-Pirin, Elva Reynoso-Jardón, Juan Carlos García, Yahir Mariaca, Yuri Sara Hernández, Raúl Ñeco, Omar Dávalos: Effect of Thermal Barrier Coating on the Thermal Stress of Gas Microturbine Blades and Nozzles

Yong Wang, Zilong Zhang, Jie Chen, Houlin Liu, Xiang Zhang, Marko Hočevar: Effect of Blade Coating on a Centrifugal Pump Operation under Sediment-Laden Water Flow

Ilyas Kacar, Fahrettin Ozturk, Serkan Toros, Suleyman Kilic: Prediction of Strain Limits via the Marciniak-Kuczynski Model and a Novel Semi-Empirical Forming Limit Diagram Model for Dual-Phase DP600 Advanced High Strength Steel

Xihui Chen, Gang Cheng, Ning Liu, Xinhui Shi, Wei Lou: Research on a Noise Reduction Method Based on DTCWT and the Cyclic Singular Energy Difference Spectrum


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