Low-carbon technologies for almost zero energy buildings

date: 16.11.2020

category: Sporočila za javnost


Employees of the Laboratory for Sustainable Technologies in Buildings (LOTZ) have published research on the cornerstones and techniques of near-zero energy buildings in book chapters edited by Elsevier and Taylor & Francis Group.

The chapter Performance of multilayer glass and BIPV façade structures (Elsevier) presents research work on multilayer and ventilated glazed building blocks of building envelopes with integrated solar cells and heat storage elements with phase-change material. The researchaimed to optimize the geometric and material properties of integrated storage tanks to the efficiency of solar cells and reduce the heat load of buildings. 


The chapter Passive and Free Cooling of Buildings (Taylor & Francis Group) presents research on the properties of urban building blocks, building envelopes and natural cooling techniques of buildings that significantly reduce the energy consumption for cooling buildings. The paper presents models for numerical modelling that can be transferred to computer tools for modelling the thermal behaviour of buildings and their validation with in-situ experiments performed in LOTZ.


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