A new method of identification of the full field displacement during the oscillation of flexible structures

date: 18.11.2020

category: Sporočila za javnost


Researchers of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering presented a new method to determine the full-field displacement during the oscillation of a flexible structure by measurements with a high-speed camera. Using the method of dynamic substructuring, they presented for the first time the synthesis of high-speed camera measurements and discrete measurements with accelerometers to form the so-called hybrid model. This type of model takes over the high spatial resolution of the high-speed camera measurement and the accuracy that direct acceleration measurement brings to the system. The presented method was published in one of the leading scientific journals in the field of mechanics and signal processing Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing (IF = 6.471). The precise hybrid method for measuring the full-field range of frequency transfer functions opens new possibilities in the field of structural and substructural dynamics.


The measurement of the response behaviour with a high-speed camera is developing into a convincing alternative to conventional measurement methods (acceleration sensors, laser vibrometers, etc.) in structural dynamics. The response field measured with optical systems generally shows a high noise level, especially in the high frequency range, where the displacement amplitudes are relatively small. This paper proposes a new approach for an improved experimental identification of the full deflection field using the dynamic substructuring approach. The method used to mix equivalent response models is used to build a so-called hybrid response model combining high speed camera measurements and discrete measurements with an accelerometer. Measurement with a high-speed camera brings high spatial resolution to the hybrid model, and acceleration measurements bring accurate discrete measurements of the dynamic response of the system. The experimental validation of the method shows a higher degree of accuracy of the reconstructed displacement field and thus a high useful value in the field of structural dynamics.



Link to the paper: http://doi.org/10.1016/j.ymssp.2020.107263

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