Challenges of numerical simulations of cavitation reactors for water treatment – An example of flow simulation inside a cavitating microchannel

date: 27.07.2021

category: Sporočila za javnost


The research on the potential of cavitation exploitation is currently an extremely interesting topic. Availability of water is becoming an increasing concern in the globalized world, in both developed and developing countries. Therefore, an efficient and clean disinfection technology, such as optimized employment of cavitation, would be readily welcome to substitute or be combined with the existing ones. To reduce the costs and time of the cavitation reactor optimization, nowadays, experimental optimization is supplemented and even replaced using computational fluid dynamics (CFD). This is a very inviting opportunity for many developers, yet we find that all too often researchers with non-engineering background treat this “new” tool too simplistic, what leads to many misinterpretations and consequent poor engineering.


Flow features of the developed cavitation in microchannels.

The present paper serves as an example of how complex the flow features, even in the very simplest geometry, can be, and how much effort needs to be put into details of numerical simulation to set a good starting point for further optimization of cavitation reactors. Finally, it provides guidelines for the researchers, who are not experts in computational fluid dynamics, to obtain reliable and repeatable results of cavitation simulations.


Cavitation cloud shedding. Time step between images Δt=0,5 ms.

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