Investigation into cavitational intensity and COD reduction performance of the pinned disc reactor with various rotor-stator arrangements

date: 28.07.2021

category: Sporočila za javnost


The paper presents a study of the decomposition of organic pollutants in municipal wastewater using a rotary device to create hydrodynamic cavitation. The concept of the device that acts as a pump and a cavitation generator by interaction between rotating and stationary pins, was first published a few months ago in the journal Ultrasonics Sonochemistry.


In this study published in the same journal,  we examined in more detail the impact of operating conditions on the mechanism and extent of cavitation, as well as on the energy efficiency. Compared to the existing cavitation devices designs, our cavitator was able to operate at a much higher per-hour capacity while achieving a significantly lower specific energy consumption per unit of pollutants removed.


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